The SIMAD University is regarded as one of the greatest in Somalia. Its quality of education mirrors its motto”the foundation of knowledge and wisdom”. With a variety of subjects and courses which are available the SIMAD Universityleaves no stone unturnedin its search to impart the best and finest education to its pupils. Currently there is more than three thousand student registered in the SIMAD University which is a big effort for the university as it is just some years younger as compared to other universities.

SIMAD University is a private college in Mogadishu, Somalia. The college was founded by a group of intellectuals and former college lecturers. 2 years of feasible study lead to establishment of the SIMAD institute and became operational in November 1999 and it’s also a non-profit thing. Its creators intention to establish higher education to cultivate academic excellence. Even though it was founded in 1999, after eleven years of constant success and achievement the SIMAD institute has been actually turned into full-fledged college on January 20, 2011.

The grad studies aim to give quality programs of post-graduate programs in a distance and open learning environment, The university is dedicated to the core values of excellence, collaboration, constant learning, and principles and values, Their vision is to become the key center of academic and professional excellence and virtues, SIMAD UNIVERSITY has played a very substantial part in building good foundations for pupils greatly affected by the institute’s culture and expertise.

The learning environment at SIMAD Universityhas a friendly aura with many high end and innovative facilities and technologies in the classroom, high technology computer labs with online facilities throughout the campus and nicely loaded library with all variety of publications for avid readers to enjoy. Most students have benefited and personally developed concerning culture and custom in SIMAD University. Their motto”the fountain of knowledge and wisdom” stands true to its significance as it provides education, personal growth, all around development and a feeling of caring for others.

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